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Invasive insects and bacteria carrying animals can cause expensive damage to your home and put your family's health at risk. We stay current on the latest technology and work with environmentally friendly methods before turning to pesticides. Pesticides are only used as a final result if all other pest control methods are ineffective. Safeguard is fully licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture for pest control services in Edinburg, TX.

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Termite Control

In order to control termite infestations, you will need to properly identify the species, perform an assessment of damage to the home, and review your options for treatment. There are many ways of treating termite problems, and each home must be evaluated differently. Understanding the homeowner’s concerns, answering questions, and coming up with a strategy for eliminating and preventing termites from returning is what we’re all about.

Termite Control Process 

Rodent Control You Can Trust

While the thought of having a rodent in your home around you and your family can make your skin crawl, their chewing is most concerning.  Rodents are known to get into food, but their chewing will persist into other hidden areas such as insulation, wood, and even wires. Damaged wires are especially dangerous as they are a fire hazard. Contact Safeguard for a quick and effective rodent solution.

Basics of Rodent Control

Rodents such as rats and mice are a nuisance, can cause damage to your property and transmit diseases. Rodents can be found in restaurants, supermarkets, homes, farm fields, livestock facilities, and food processing facilities. The most common way of identifying the presence of rodents is the presence of shredded pieces of fabric or paper and droppings near food sources.

There are different ways of removing rodents from your home. Some of the ways are temporary, while others are permanent.  You can remove rodents from your home with poisons and traps. Also, you can keep mice and rats out of your business or home by sealing all the rodent access points. You can also do away with rodent attractions such as water and food by preventing water leakages and keeping food in sealed containers.

There are three guidelines for maintaining a rodent-free home or business. These are:


You can prevent rodents by sealing all entry points. You can seal the existing entry points using metal mesh. Besides, you can prevent rodents from entering your home by removing all rodent attractions and ensuring your home is always clean.


You can look for signs of rats and mice, for example, rodent droppings and availability of nesting material.


You can remove rodents from your business and home using traps and snaps. It would help if you were cautious with live traps because of the increased risk of spreading diseases. You can naturally control rodents by installing barn owl boxes.

There are outdoor recommendations that you can follow to maintain a rodent-free home or business. You need to keep compost piles away from your structures and avoid having a bird feeder. You need to keep cooking areas outside your home clean and to keep firewood off the ground and away from the house.

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