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Safeguard is your trusted source of residential and commercial pest control services in Harlingen, TX. We focus on quick and effecting insect extermination and wildlife removal. Our pest control methods are environmentally with pesticides only being an option when all other methods are exhausted.

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Trusted Rodent Control

Many homeowners like to try capturing rats and mice themselves before calling in the professionals. If you do opt for store bought traps, you must place them where the little critters are in your house. Because different types of rodents have their own unique habits, properly identifying them is key for effective trapping. Safeguard has decades of expertise getting to know the local types of mice and rats that live in Harlingen, TX.

Signs You Have a Rat or Mouse in The House 

  1. Droppings. The darker the color, the more recent your mouse or rat were there.
  2.  Runway streaks. Rodents collect grease and dirt on their fur. Because they tend to take the same path between their food and nest, you will see brown streaks along your foundation, window sill ledges, and bottom of walls.
  3. Look for knaw marks.
  4. Listen for scratching and scuffling sounds.

Our rodent control services include trapping, removal, and implementing a preventative solution.

There are different ways of removing rodents from your home. Some of the ways are temporary, while others are permanent. You can remove rodents from your home with poisons and traps. Also, you can keep mice and rats out of your business or home by sealing all the rodent access points. You can also do away with rodent attractions such as water and food by preventing water leakages and keeping food in sealed containers.

There are three guidelines for maintaining a rodent-free home or business. These are:


You can prevent rodents by sealing all entry points. You can seal the existing entry points using metal mesh. Besides, you can prevent rodents from entering your home by removing all rodent attractions and ensuring your home is always clean.


You can look for signs of rats and mice, for example, rodent droppings and availability of nesting material.


You can remove rodents from your business and home using traps and snaps. It would help if you were cautious with live traps because of the increased risk of spreading diseases. You can naturally control rodents by installing barn owl boxes.

Termite Control

Termites eat wood and if left unchecked, end up causing serious damage to the structural integrity of homes and other buildings. Our termite treatments include conventional treatments, localized spot treatment, insect growth and fumigation. Call our office to see how we can help!

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