Weed & Ornamental Services

At Safeguard Pest Control, we offer effective control for weeds in turf and ornamentals. During our free inspection of your property, we will identify your weeds and recommend a program that will be effective. Treatment options may include changes in cultural practices as well as pre and post-emergence herbicides.

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Cultural Controls

Effective control of weeds in turf is based on correct identification. Turf weeds can often be controlled by altering the cultural practices to favor the grass plants rather than the weeds. Cultural controls may include raising or lowering the mowing height, changing the frequency of mowing, lengthening or shortening the period between irrigation, increasing or decreasing the application of fertilizer, or aerifying the soil. A combination of proper cultural practices, plus prudent use of chemical is sometimes necessary to control weeds effectively in turf.

Pre-emergence Herbicides

Pre-emergence herbicides affect germinating seeds. To be effective, the herbicide should be applied two to three weeks before weed seeds germinate, so pre-emergence herbicides are most effective against annual weeds.

Post-emergence Herbicides

Post-emergence herbicides are used to kill weeds after the weed plants are up and growing. To be effective, most post-emergence herbicides must be absorbed through the leaves. Therefore, liquid sprays generally work better than dry, granular materials, but granular formulations may be the most practical way for homeowners to apply these materials. Post-emergence herbicides are most effective when applied when the weeds are young and growing vigorously.